Foot & Ankle Injury Treatment in Tampa, FL

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Wound Care & Ulcer Treatments

Whether you have stepped on a jelly fish or sewing needle, your foot may be in need of wound care to alleviate the conditions caused by the disruption. All too often, patients think they can treat their condition on their own, only to end up developing a painful wound or foot ulcer. We offer professional grade wound treatments, such as Oasis and Demographer.

Foot & Ankle Injuries

Every day foot and ankle injuries occur, resulting in broken and dislocated bones, sprains, contusions, and infections. If you have injured your foot, ankle, or leg it is essential to seek immediate attention from a podiatry medical & surgical team.

Treating an Injury: Hot vs. Cold

Many believe the myth that soaking an injured foot or ankle in hot water immediately after the injury takes place will assist with healing, reduce swelling, or alleviate pain. However, hot water causes the blood vessels to open, allowing blood to rapidly rush to the injury, causing greater swelling, pain, and pressure on the nerves.
When dealing with injuries, immediate ankle and foot care should include cold compresses. A bag of ice wrapped in a towel produces a contracting and numbing effect on blood vessels, which lessens swelling and pain. Warm compresses and soaks may be utilized 48–72 hours later.
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