Diabetic Foot Care & Fungus Removal in Tampa, FL

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Orthotic Medical Foot device—diabetic foot care in Tampa, FL

Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics are customized to fit the shape and size of your foot and used to reduce foot and heel pain, while minimizing the risk of painful foot and ankle injuries. These are ideal for runners and others who spend a great amount of time on their feet.
We identify your need for custom foot Orthotics through in-depth foot assessments, including x-rays and range of motion tests. With this, we apply a device that highlights your specific pressure point areas to assist us in creating a custom mold of your foot to produce perfectly fitting orthotics.

Diabetic Shoe Assessments

We supply diabetic shoes which are covered by most insurance companies. Unlike other types of footwear, diabetic shoes are made specifically for the diabetic foot that is ultra-sensitive to feeling.

Understanding Diabetes Mellitus

Often called the “Sugar Disease” Diabetes Mellitus is a serious condition marked by the inability to manufacture or properly use insulin. This prevents your body from converting sugars, starches, and foods into energy. Long term effects could lead to amputation or cause serious damage to several areas of your body, including:
  • Eyes
  • Heart
  • Kidneys
  • Feet
  • Nerves
  • Blood Vessels

Nail Fungus Removal

Using a laser, we remove several types and degrees of nail fungus by simply running a laser across the top of your nail bed. While use of the laser is dependent upon the severity of your fungus, early detection and regular foot care promotes a quick and simple removal process. If you are worried about your nail fungus, stop by and see our podiatry team for a quick and painless assessment.
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